Are you questioning the drink?

Drinking is a choice.

For some gray area drinkers, it doesn't feel this way.

Your social life is more than drinking.

Yeah, right...I know.

However, you're there to spend time with people you enjoy. Drinking is something that just happens because of that.

For some gray area drinkers, what starts off socially turns into one too many.

You're not "that bad".

You don't need a recovery 12-step program for goodness sake. You just need to discover why saying NO is so damn hard!

If you've been questioning the drink, I invite you to spend the next few days with me to D.E.C.I.D.E. if NOW is the time to take action.

We will cover:

D - desire to change

E - establish your why

C - commitment to self

I - invest in yourself

D - daily habits

E - expansion of self

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